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What is Matrix Radio?

"The truth shall make you free" is the principle at the core of this work.
Bobby Keegan, AKA BobbyK and his crew at Project Freedom are constantly in search of
and present the truth at every opportunity. 

An excerpt of our new documentary may be viewed here:

Secrets of the Stones

The Environment in Peril
Can We Make a Difference?

The Matrix
Do we live in world of false images intended to confuse and pacify us, and blind us to a terrible reality?

Debunking the UFO Debunkers
How to Battle the Professional Skeptics and Win!

How To Debunk Just About Anything
Understanding the Tactics of the Debunkers

UFO Disclosure The Harsh Reality
UFO disclosure may eventually reveal much more than we ever imagined.

The Dominionists
Radical Religion vs. The Environment

The Bible and the Paranormal
A New Perspective

Iran - The Coming Holocaust
The chatter is deafening, the dogs of war are gathering, and the White house is pumping up the rhetoric.

America Incorporated
What will increasing corporate control over the United States cost its citizens?

9/11World Trade Center Videos
Questions the Government Ignores

If you even "think" that you think outside the box the world has built around us,
this is the show for you.